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Miklos Kovacs’ Scania… with a DAF front axle!

During the 2011 edition of Africa Eco Race Miklos Kovacs and the Qualisport team could not defend their title in the truck category but the Hungarians were able to do something “special”.
After they crashed the front axle of the Scania on the 3rd stage and were stuck at the same place for more than 50 hours, they tailored a DAF front axle into the truck and reached the Lac Rose again.

Miklos Kovacs, his co-driver Peter Czegledi and chief mechanic Tamas Toth started the race in spectacular form: they won the 1st stage in the truck category and only three cars did better time than the Scania. After they were the 2nd fastest truck at the 2nd stage, while an invisible bump finished their race at the 75th kilometer of the 3rd stage: the yellow Scania flew more than 20 meters and the front axle crashed after the „landing”.
„What a situation” – said the Hungarian driver who won the fight in the truck category last year – „We were stuck in a wadi without the two front wheels of the vehicle. While we spent the New Year’ Eve there, the assistance crew was trying to find the necessary components around Marocco. They just found a DAF front axle in Er Rachidia, so we had tailored it into the truck. With all of our mechanical knowledge, we did it. It was an emotional moment when we catch the others at Laayoune as nobody could imagine how we solved the problem.”

And what Kovacs thinks about the rest of the Africa Eco Race? „As usual, it was a very well organised event and we saw fantastic fights in all category. After our accident, we travelled on the assistance route and stayed in the race-family. We tried to demonstrate our fighting spirit as it was important for us to take the Hungarian national flag to Dakar again. Congratulations to the winners but I must say we will come back next year and try to take back the title in the truck category!”
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